Syringe (Accumulator / Dispenser)

600cc (ml) Industrial Syringe


This syringe can be used to accumulate or dispense fluids in precise volumes.  The body is precision machined utilizing high quality stainless steel for corrosion resistance with a 16 RMS internal surface finish to ensure dynamic sealing.  The piston design utilizes PTFE which has high lubricity and is inert to most fluids.  The internal dynamic piston is designed for variable sealing pressure simply by tightening or loosening the stem connection to the piston based on the user’s requirements.


For ease of operation, the stem and piston are easily moved by using an ergonomic T-handle.  The outlet male connector of the syringe is a standard ¼” stem which connects easily to ¼” tubing or standard   (Swagelok TM or H.I.P TM) ferrule type valves and fittings.


The top cap of the syringe is held in place firmly by a seal fit but can be easily removed to clean, inspect or adjust the tightness of the piston as required.


The syringe stem is marked from 0 to 600 cc and is designed to accurately measure in the range of +/- 1.5 cc at full scale. The overall dimensions of the syringe with the piston fully inserted is 16-1/4” long by 3” diameter and it weighs 3.5 lbs.


Mounting brackets and different size syringes available upon request. 

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